Jon GilliesJon Gillies B.F.A.

Canadian Photographic Artist

“In my photographs, I portray the feeling of the moment and transport the viewer to the spot where the image was captured.”

Jon Gillies has been an avid photographer his entire life. In high school, he was introduced to the magic of the darkroom. Since then he has explored different photographic techniques from the traditional black and white, to digital photography.

At the University of Saskatchewan, he continued his education in the visual arts with classes in Photography, Print Making and Drawing. He graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art and an Education degree with a major in Arts Education.

Living on the Canadian Prairies, Gillies has had the opportunity to specialize in landscape and wildlife photography, with unique and unusual perspectives.

“I have been known to load up my car and drive for a week, no destination in mind, taking pictures and enjoying our beautiful country as I go.”